A Breakthrough session is a Human Design deep dive into specifics of the chart. For this containter it is important that you are familiar with the basics (type, strategy, authority, profile) of your chart. 


In this reading you have full control. Meaning, it can be about anything you want or need a breakthrough

It can be about your incarnation cross, about the meaning of the gates, about energetic expression, about the channels, about deconditioning, etc. 


You decide what you want clarity on, and that is the reading I prepare for you. 

Breakthrough session

👉 This is a 90 minute container where we cover your request. 

👉 After the reading I send you the replay so you can always come back to it and find different nuances. 

👉 You also get a complementary E-book with extra valuable material that we don’t cover in the session itself. 

👉 You receive on the spot, deep personal coaching on the topic you bring in. Creating a lasting breakthrough. 

You have two options when it comes to the breakthrough sessions. 

You can choose to do a single session or you can choose the bundle. 

The bundle consists of three readings and comes with a discount.