A connection reading is a Human Desgin reading that puts your unique desing into the context of the people you’re living with. 

Your Human Design chart is who you are when you are alone, but when are you ever truly alone? 

When a group of 3+ people come together, something magical happens. The aura’s form a new field called a penta. And a penta is a unique force for it ’takes over’ individual design. 

A connection reading takes context and group dynamics into account. In this reading I guide you through your unique partnership or penta dynamics. 

I show you how and where the dynamic influence you and you it. So you can become aware of it and leverage it to your advantage, instead of falling victim to it. 

👉 This is a 90 minute container where we dive into the individual charts, the partnership and or the penta. 

👉 After the reading I send you the replay so you can always come back to it and find different nuances. 

👉 You also get a complementary E-book with extra valuable material that we don’t cover in the session itself. 

👉 You receive on the spot, deep personal coaching on the topic you bring in. Creating a lasting breakthrough.

Together we create the specifics of the three readings. Meaning, we’ll chat first about what you want to get out of it, and then I custom make the readings for you. 

For this containter it is important that you are familiar with the basics of your Human Design chart,