How a change in perspetcive can shift everything
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How a change in perspective can change everything

What I first saw as weakness, I now see as immense strength. Changing your perspective, changes your beliefs, changes your attitude, changes your behaviour, changes your life.


Yesterday I realised someting profound that I’d love to share with you ✨ 

What I first saw as weakness, I now see as immense strength.

Over the years I’ve reinvented myself so many times.

When something didn’t work, I tried something else.

And believe me, I’ve done and tried a lot.

Giving up is NOT in my dictionary.

Always looking for options and possibilities.

Always burning myself and rising from the ashes.


I didn’t fail

I never have!

It was a necessary part of my journey

My journey of growth and evolution

Not from weakness

But from immense power

Power to keep going

Keep building

Keep dreaming


You CHOOSE how you see yourself.

You can choose your focus.

And you can choose to rewrite the stories you tell yourself.

It’s about turning pain into power.

And a change in perspective can change everything.


Working on yourself, on your emotional mastery is the most selfless thing you can do.

You not only heal parts of yourself, you influence all the generations that come after you.

You stop the generational projection and your ancestors will thank you for breaking the cycle.

You set a new standard.

You give a new example.


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