It’s time to fully embrace abundance!

If you’re done feeling frustrated, every time you want to invite abundance into your life but it seems to always be just out of your reach and you’re ready to end the toxic cycles of scarcity.

Why your abundance isn’t coming despite everything you’re doing.

After struggling for years with my own ‘hunt’ for abundance, trying to implement what every spiritual and manifesting expert said to do, I (painfully) slowly learned that most people are focusing the wrong issue when it comes to cultivating abundance.

Pay attention because this is one of the most important (and foundational things) you’ll need to know and learn and if you skip over it, it will cost you a lot of time, effort, money where you end up stewing in bitterness, anger and frustration.

What they’re missing is a CRUCIAL step that comes before.

Regulating your nervous system to actually HOLD the abundance you long for.

Without a regulated nervous system all your manifestation and abundance effort will be in vain. You can cognitively know and (try) to believe something BUT, if you’re body isn’t backing that up, it’s never gonna happen and you will (unconsciously) sabotage your every move to call in abundance.

To grow your capacity for abundance and finally having your desires in your hands, you have to MASTER the foundations


You’re not sure on how to cultivate abundance. This makes you question yourself and your worth to receive abundance. Even though deep down you know that abundance wants you too and it shouldn’t be all that hard.

You get overwhelmed or confused whenever you try to learn to cultivate abundance but everywhere you go it feels complicated, inauthentic and sticky so you freeze and give up.

You spend lots of time writing in your journal, using affirmations, visualizing your desired outcome, YET your reality isn’t anywhere close and you start to lose hope.

Your bank account goes up a bit and down and up and down, making you feel anxious and cramp up. Asking yourself “when will this ever become easy, will abundance flow as easily for me as it does for others”.

You are unclear what abundance means to you. You’re unclear about WHAT YOU WANT. And so you’re running around like a headless chicken trying to do it all. Leaving you with little money to invest in yourself even though you clearly want to.

Or, and this is a big one, unconsciously you feel unworthy of abundance and so abundance doesn’t feel safe for you and you sabotage your every step to call it in. For your container cannot hold what you want. (YET).

Say goodbye to scarcity

Scarcity keeps you on the hamster wheel of running around running AFTER what you want – therefore always staying out of reach – instead of allowing it to come to you.

Scarcity will always make you believe that you are unworthy and unable to receive abundance

Scarcity will never ACTUALLY make you feel safe, making it impossible to call in your desires.

Scarcity will always make sure you, whole beingly, believe that there will not be enough. Especially for you.

Which makes you feel paralysed by uncertainty and so you don’t do anything at all, creating huge periods without income creating even more stress and self-doubt…

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Going into the body will completely change your entire relationship with abundance

Think about it, what’s going to happen if you don’t EMBODY abundance?

Staying in scarcity creates tension in your body, it leaves you in constant survival mode for your body is in constant fight, flight, freeze or fawn. Blocking every possibility for abundance to enter your system. Embodiment creates a relaxed state where you feel safe to stretch your containers capacity. 


Staying in scarcity generates a lot of fear, frustration, self-doubt, inadequacy and therefore inaction. Embodiment drives inspired action, passion & creates endless genius ideas to receive abundance.


Staying in scarcity triggers self-doubt, procrastination & a compromise on your prices… Embodiment instils confidence, certainty, fast execution & getting paid what you’re worth.


Scarcity hides all of your gifts & talents… Embodiment makes you magnetic & irresistible to the abundance you long for.

Full embodiment creates revolutionary abundance & new paradigm leaders.

It changes the way money flows in the world

It inspires soul aligned action and transformation

It makes sure you feel safe fully stepping into your purpose

Deeply knowing and trusting that the universe has your back


The world needs you to stand up, show up & step into your abundance.

The world needs you to feel SAFE when it comes to abundance.

For if you don’t feel safe, how can you ever live your purpose on purpose?


I’m here to help you make that happen.


Consider me YOUR lightsaber. I help finally ditch that scarcity belief so abundance can come out of hiding.


So that you can finally receive abundance with confidence, ease, flow and grace and never have to worry about it ever again.


Now is your time. 

MASTER your abundance

Step out of scarcity to become a magnet for abundance. 


Learn how your energetic state influences the flow of abundance.

What is your energy actually saying? You will learn everything about regulating your nervous system to BE calm, safe and to grow. When your body is in survival mode, what you desire 


Learn who you were born to be before the world told you who to be. Here you will learn who you truly are, who you came here to be and how your unique energy works. Where you have super powers and where you need help. Learn to harness the power of your unique Human Design so you become magnetic and irresistible to the energy of abundance.



Learn how you unconsciously sabotage your every move towards abundance.

You will learn how, why and where you are in your shadows and how they rule your life. Here we will heal your wounds from the past so they release their grip, their choke hold on you, and you can be free and move forward towards abundance. 


Module 1

+ Learn to take ownership

+ Decide what it is that you WANT

+ Create radical magic

Module 2

+ Heal your limiting, scarcity beliefs

+ Transmute your journey into a masterpiece

+ Embrace your shadow

Module 3

+ Step out of survival mode

+ Release stored tension

+ Regulate your nervous system 

+ Reconnect with your body

Module 4

+ What is your energy saying for you

+ How to change your energetic state

+ Learn how to test if your energy aligns with your offer and pricing (if you’re an entrepreneur)

Module 1

+ Become clear on where you have been told you need to be something that you are not.
+ Become aware of the conditioning of each type, centre, and the most common “patterns” that people fall into.  
+ Transforming the shadow gates into your most magnetic Gift.


Module 6

+ Strengthen your  abundance muscle to increase your capacity

+ Create limitless prosperity by feeling safe around abundance

+ Get my tried and tested framework for creating abundance with FUN & EASE

So that you will FINALLY feel safe.


So that you feel adequate, validated and worthy of receiving.


And you can ACTUALLY call in and manifest the abundance you desire.





The shadow gift & siddhi tool  

Value   € 97,-   


The introduction course in Human Design

Value     €197,-


E-book on the planetary and the line influences  

Value     €27,-


When you pay in full you get a Human Design sessions with me.

When you pay in full you get access to a bonus group call with me. In this call we will go deeper into the shadow side of your chart, how to alchemise that & leverage it to attract abundance.

Value €333,- 


And the best bonus of all…


Making major changes in your life can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. 


As soon as you join Master your abundance, you’ll get invited to an exclusive Facebook group that’s ONLY open to students and alumni. I’ll share exclusive trainings, extra learnings, host Q&As and share plenty of resources to help you master your abundance.


This is one of the most loving and supportive communities on the internet. You’ll feel supported every step of the way. Every day, members celebrate their wins, ask for feedback, offer help, and network to create even more new opportunities.

VALUE €1,997 but it’s actually priceless 


…Included ALL FOR FREE when you enrol!


Master your abundance

My Name is Hanneke (that’s hah-nuh-kuh for non Dutchies).

All my life I have been pasionately curious. Always wondering WHY people do what they do, I’ve been studying psychology & observing people all my life. And every question answered, gave me three new one. So I’m life’s eternal student.

As a Human Design & Energetic Alignment coach I help you alchemise your shadows to an abundant life beyond your wildest dreams

Okay, what does that mean? 

I help adults regulate their nervous system, do deep shadow work & soften the trauma triggers so they become more present, rooted, stable, graceful, kinder adults for everyone around them, themselves but especially the tiny humans in their lives 😉 That is the ultimate goal 🙏🏻

And I use a combination of tools to facilitate that transmutation:

👉 Human design as THE energetic roadmap for coming home to your true self. Peeling away all those layers that aren’t you and discover your shadows & traumas. You can be who you’re born to be.

👉 I help you identify the triggers that cause your body to constantly be in survival mode 

👉 When we know the source, we use specific tools that work best for your design & energy so it’s ACTUALLY released from your body, mind & spirit and not just a band aid.

👉 As for my toolbox, think of shadow work, inner child healing, systemic work, body based trauma work, NLP,  release sessions, breath work, EFT, and a whole bunch more.

And as a reward for doing all the inner work, the universe blesses you with magic, love, joy, ease, flow & abundance

Money back guarantee

Your investment is backed by our 14-day guarantee. If after two weeks into the course, you’ve completed the first module and related assignments and don’t feel that the course has given you new tools to magnetize your abundance, reach out and show me you’ve put in the work & I’ll refund your investment.   


For this live container there are only 22 spots available. 


It’s easier than you think. There is this thing you can play with. Because your body doesn’t know the difference between a real threat ( say a lion in front of you) or a feeling. The same thing goes for positive states. The body doesn’t understand the difference between real or imagined. So that’s the area we’re gonna play in.

Master is the acronym that stands for: Mastery, Attention, Softening the shadow, Trust, Energetics and Radical magic. It’s the code I received to create a life of radical magic on your terms aligned with your human design.

We’re gonna start the live program on July 1st  2022. 

When you sign up for the full program, you will receive an email with all the ins and outs of the program, incluiding a call schedule.

No worries, up front you can send in your question so it will be answered and you can watch the replay of the call whenever you want. 

No, absolutely not. It’s about creating abundance in ALL areas in your life where you want to experience abundance. I just know that money, for a lot of people, is abig part of that. But you can use all the principles, teachings and exercises to the area that you want to be more abundant in. 

why this price? Well first because I want it to be accessible. When you’re struggling with abundance it can be damn hard to come up with the money for it and I don’t want that to stand in the way. But, in order for you to actually DO something, there needs to be an energetic transaction.

Secondly, in numerology 8888 is the angel number that symbolises abundance, prosperity and good fortune. The number 8888 brings to you a very powerful message that can change your life dramatically. The angel number 8888 wants you to know that your days of financial struggles will soon come to an end. The rewards of all your hard work and sacrifices are finally here!