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The difference between red & black in Human Design.

You may have noticed in your chart there is a red side and a black side. When I first discovered Human Design (HD) it took me a while to understand the difference. And in this blog I wanted to share my insight with you.

On the left side of the bodygraph, there are numbers in red. They correspond with red lines in the bodygraph itself. The design side is the RED side of the chart.

This calculation is 88 degrees (or 88 / 89 days before you’re born). The design side is somewhat mystical.

On the right side there are numbers and planets in black. They correspond with the black lines in the bodygraph itself.

The personality side is calculated through your actual date, place and time of birth.


The red side is body consciousness or body wisdom. It is the unconscious side of you. You have no mental control over this. Meaning that you cannot use this at will. By observing, overtime, you can become more aware but not use it intentionally.

The black side is the personality side. It is your mental awareness. It’s who you think, you think you are. These are traits that you are aware of, you recognise this in yourself as “yep, that’s me” and you can consciously use the info. This is where the mind (the ego) feels comfortable and in control.


This might still feel a little abstract. Ra himself often used the example of the vehicle, the driver and the passenger. And in this blog I’d like to build on that.

When you have a car, the car itself represents your life. It is the vehicle you need to move through this physical life in order to experience it.

The driver is steering the vehicle in the direction it needs to go in. The driver is the red side, the body consciousness in the chart. The way the driver decides which route to take is influenced by the activated red gates. You can see the red gates as the google maps route you’re taking. The driver takes what is the best route for YOU.

The passenger in the back, that is the black side. The purpose of the black side is to sit back, look out the window, enjoy the ride and learn along the way. The way the passenger sees and experiences the surroundings along the way is influenced by the activated black gates.

For example my conscious sun is gate 44. This is the gate of spotting patterns. So when I’m in the back enjoying the ride, what I notice along the way are a lot of different patterns.


The issue arises when the passenger wants to get behind the wheel thinking it knows better. The mind is an amazing tool for observation, contemplation, connection and creativity. But it’s not so great at making decisions.

If you’d compare it to an iceberg, the passenger (the black side) is the tip of the iceberg that’s visible above the water. The driver (the red side) is the whole body of ice that is below the water.


We live in a binary universe of ones and zeros. This is the law of duality. Light, dark. Warm, cold. Either, or. Left, right. Happy, sad. Triggered or trusting. So it’s not that the black side is ‘bad’. Not at all!

All the black side wants to do is protect you from harm. The black side lives in the past and based on what you’ve been through and how that affected you, it tries to protect you from experiencing that again. So it wants to take over the wheel.

It’s about consciously easing the triggered black side, so it can lean back into trusting the wisdom of the driver and enjoy the ride. It’s about getting the passenger to feel safe and curious so it can play its part in the canvas of life.

That is the difference between red & black in Human Design.

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