The difference between a defined and undefined solar plexus
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The difference between a defined and undefined solar plexus

In Human Design, the centres (who relate to the chakra’s) can either be defined, undefined or open. So in short: the difference between a defined and undefined solar plexus is that a defined solar plexus generates and emits emotional energy whereas an undefined solar plexus receives (picks up) energy and amplifies that back to sender. 


As a projector, who’s curious by design, I love to observe. Looked through the lens of Human Design, I am defined in my solar plexus, meaning I am an emotional projector When your solar plexus is defined, that becomes your authority and you generate emotional energy.

About half the worlds population is defined and the other half is either undefined or open. The awesome thing about this is that there is a shift happening towards more emotional awareness. And a place in time and space where emotional intelligence is valued just as much as mental intelligence.

But that’s not what I wanted to share with you today. Today I wanted to give you a real life example of the difference between a defined and undefined solar plexus. Because it can be quite difficult for the opposites to understand what the difference looks like in real life, rather than on paper. 

Now, if you don’t know your chart (and if you’re defined, undefined or open) you can get your chart here. 


The difference between a defined and undefined solar plexus


The difference between a defined and undefined solar plexus


The difference between a defined and undefined solar plexus


A few months ago, my partner and I bought a new bed. We tested it thoroughly in the store and were really happy with our choice. But when our new bed was delivered, it was NOT AT ALL like the bed we had tested in the store. We know there is a slight difference but this was like comparing apples and cheese.

So we went back to the store, we shared our story and the lady there told us some information that we hadn’t received before, if we would’ve known we would have made a verry different choice.

This understandably aggravated my partner because this meant for us spending a lot more money on something that would have been completely avoidable if we’d known all the information. Now he is undefined in his solar plexus but he has a defined throat, so its really easy for him to speak up about things like this, and have a direct response. Because of the dynamic, the sales woman in the store has a defined SP.

It was his opinion that we shouldn’t have to pay for a mistake THEY made. And they got into a discussion about that. Where he gave her some examples of how situations like this are handled in his line of business. And that it’s just common decency to own up to your mistake and wear the consequences.


Because my partner communicated his point of few (defined throat) in a direct way, this caused for her to generate emotional energy and become defensive. Causing my partner to pick up that energy and amplify back (because he’s open). Which generated more emotional energy with her, and him amplifying that back.

Now, this was all friendly, there were not attacks but the energy built up. But instead of coming together towards a beneficial agreement, the generated energy pulled it further apart, where we started to talk in circles, which was pointless.

So we decided to take a few days, think about what we wanted and then get back to them, again (this time during email and phone calls, I calmy explained what we wanted, expected and why. I am defined in my solar plexus so emotional energy of others has less effect on me.  

In the end, instead of having to pay full price, she got us an incredible discount. We still needed to spend some extra money but not as much as she initially told us.


It’s incredibly helpfull to know whether you (and the people around you) are defined, undefined or open in the solar plexus. It gives you the ability to stay true to yourself, to understand what’s happening (that it’s nothing personal) and steer the energy.


This is just one real life example of the difference between a defined and undefined solar plexus, if you have one, please share it in the comments to create more awareness of the difference.

If you want to know more about Human Design, how your energy works, what your energy type and your authority is, your absolutely welcome to download my free introduction course in Human Design.

If you don’t want to do all the digging into HD yourself but you DO want to know more about your unique design, you’re absolutely welcome to book a breakthrough session

I wholeheartedly wish you to to enter your Human Design experiment. There is nothing like it and there will be your life before and after you discover HD. 

I wish you TONS of joy and fun while doing it. and you UNLEASH the MASTER in you. 

Much love,  Hanneke 😘