Wait for the invitation
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Why projectors don’t always need to wait for the invitation

I’ve seen it again, again and again. Projectors feeling disempowered, angry, sad and anxious by their strategy: wait to be invited.

What I also see is that: 1. It is taken WAY too literally and 2. It’s taken out of context.

For the past 1+ year I’ve been experimenting with this (I’m a 2/4 emotional projector) and this is what I’ve found.

Life is a paradox and dual in nature

Life is a paradox and dual in nature. Meaning that when projectors take the ‘wait for the invitation’ part too literal and too serious; that in and of itself, creates projector bitterness. When you sit back, do nothing, wait around all day to be included & invited, feeling you can’t do anything without someone else, that creates deep friction, frustration & resentment (AKA projector bitterness). 

Types of invitations

Thing with invitations is: there are several types of invitations. “purist’ will argue that’s not true, there we just have a difference of opinion.

You can invite yourself! You can invite yourself to anything you’d like to do or experience. (Aka, recognise yourself first).

There are energetic invitations. Now, these can be tricky for ego can get in the way. So when you feel an energetic invitation, ask some more questions, just to make sure it is right for YOU.

Verbal invitations. This is for the advice & guidance part. To do that, you need a verbal invitation. And much more important, you need recognition for your wisdom, for people can invite you out of politeness, but still don’t actually want to hear what you have to say. 

You don't always need to wait for the invitation

You absolutely DON’T need an invitation for everything. You are still an autonomous person, you can do what you want to do, you desire and yes you can absolutely initiate.

👉 If you want to travel, you don’t need an invitation. Pack a bag and go!

👉 If you want to host a (diner) party, you can do the inviting, you don’t need to wait around for people to ask you if you want to do that.

👉 If you want to move house or even country, you don’t need an invitation for that (a decade ago I went to New Zealand for 7 months by myself and it was one of the BEST experiences in my life)

👉 If you want to start a business, a b/vlog, a podcast, or anything, you don’t need to be invited by someone to do that. Your desire is ALSO an invitation.

👉 If you want to hang out with a friend, reach out.

👉 If you see a job you’d absolutely love and see yourself working, apply for it.


Because getting an invitation, doesn’t always guarantee a good experience! You need to become selective in what invitations you do and do not accept.

When do you need an invitation

So, when DO you need an invitation. The only time where you DO need to be invited, is when it comes to giving specific advice / guidance to someone else. That is the only place where you first need to be recognised for your brilliance and then wait to be invited to share that. IF you don’t, it will fall on deaf ears, creating that same bitterness.

For example: this happened years ago. The ex-wife of my now ex-partner, was complaining and whining about how she always has migraines. I had been working with people who suffer from migraines and wanted to give her some advice on what she could do to be free from it. Point was, she didn’t ask for it, but I gave it anyway. And when I did, it was like a bomb exploded where she started yelling at me, calling me names, basically having a tantrum. Only because I wanted to help her, get rid of pain. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have asked: may I give you some tips and be okay with either answer.

If I had waited for the recognition and an invitation, there wouldn’t be an explosion. Saving me a whole lot of hurt & resentment.


I’m not saying strategy isn’t important and you can toss it in the garbage all together. No, It’s just that authority and true intuition are much more important for projectors.

If you’re done with feeling disempowered and trapped in your human design, you are more than welcome to book an empowerment reading or a breakthrough session. I’d love to be your guide, because you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event. 

I wish you TONS of joy and fun while discovering your unique Design. and you UNLEASH the MASTER in you. 

Much love,  Hanneke 😘